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The Address of Selçuklu Palace Kitchen: Kırkikindi

The Address of Selçuklu Palace Kitchen: Kırkikindi

A Journey of Flavors from the Palace Kitchen to Kırkikindi Restaurant Tables... This restaurant, brought to Konya and the country by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, leaves unforgettable tastes on the palates.


Continuing its efforts to promote Konya’s cuisine, allow everyone to taste the traditional flavors of ancient culture, and pass on these delicacies to future generations, Konya Metropolitan Municipality’s Kırkikindi Restaurant continues to receive top marks. Located within the Millet Garden in the former stadium area, this restaurant captivates its guests with both its elegant architecture and unique flavors.


Kırkikindi Restaurant, with its chic architecture, rich menu, and adherence to the traditions of the palace kitchen, offers a different perspective on the city’s culinary culture. From cold beverages to soups, salads, and appetizers, from unique main dishes to delightful desserts, it provides a journey of flavors. After a pleasant meal, guests can relax at the tea cafe section of Kırkikindi Restaurant with a steaming cup of tea or a leisurely coffee while enjoying a pleasant conversation with friends. 


Here, the skilled chefs of Kırkikindi Restaurant prepare every bubbling pot of their menus with expertise, mastery, and love, offering an unforgettable feast for both you and your guests.


Tarragon Soup 

Tarragon Soup, with its distinct taste from all other soups thanks to the touch of tarragon herb, is made with meat and yogurt. You can try the Tarragon Soup prepared by the chefs with the original recipe at Kırkikindi Restaurant.


Made with butter, onions, green tomatoes, and sunny side up eggs, Çatlatma is a delicious and light dish that heralds the arrival of summer and serves as a delightful feast meal.

Lambfoot Stew 

Lambfoot Stew, one of the traditional delicacies of Konya, is among the most distinguished dishes of sustainable culinary culture. It is prepared with a special recipe that has been passed down for years.

Lamb Shank Keşkek 

Kuzu İncikli (Lamb Shank) Keşkek is prepared by adding strained wheat and chickpea water to meat, and then topped with delectable lamb shanks.


Zülbiye is a dish made with plenty of shallots, chickpeas, and abundant lamb meat. It is also flavored with vinegar. Zülbiye has been a popular dish in Konya for many years and is served to esteemed guests.

Palace Casserole 

One of the indispensable delights of the palace kitchen, Palace Casserole is made from lamb meat flavored with dried apricots, dried figs, and sour plums. Sumac, honey, and almonds bind the taste of the fruits with the meat.


One of the indispensable delicacies of the palace kitchen, Piruhi is a type of dumpling stuffed with lor cheese. It is served with walnuts and butter on top.

Eggplant Orta

As one of the feast dishes of the palace kitchen, Eggplant Orta is prepared by combining bone-in lamb meat with eggplant in its season, making it one of the most well-known dishes in Konya’s cuisine.

Mevlevi Pilaf 

Also known as Hassaten Lokma, Mevlevi Pilaf is one of the distinguished pilaf dishes of Seljuk cuisine, prepared with meat, chickpeas, chestnuts, and enriched with currants, pine nuts, and various spices.