Saturday, 02 December 2023

Tirit and Papara are Different from Each Other

In fact, “Papara” and “Tirit” are two different Konya dishes, which are very similar but not related to each other. They are both based on dry bread and sauces. In addition to a few unique recipes of Tirit, Papara has hundreds of recipes and methods. Papara is very different in every cuisine.




Papara is one of the most used methods for evaluating stale bread in Konya. Papara is also perfect for an anti-waste, waste-free kitchen. It is not just stale breads that give the papara its flavor. We see the Papara flavor, which is created with a sauce consisting of a mixture of stale breads, yoghurt and tomato paste and spices, on the tables most during Ramadan. Unlike Panzanella and Dakos, Papara is a dish served hot, not cold. Tirit, a meat-filo pastry dish made widely in all of Anatolia, is probably the ancestor of Papara. When it comes to papara, it is difficult to say "this is the recipe", as it has lots of recipes. Basically, stale breads are cut into cubes, fried in the oven or in a pan with a little oil, placed on a tray and softened by sprinkling broth on it. Different materials are placed on the prepared bread base according to the region. It is prepared in Central Anatolia without tomatoes and with meat, in Konya again without tomatoes, with meat but additionally with garlic yoghurt, in the Aegean Region roasted ground beef, onion, green pepper and tomato, and in Kırklareli cuisine with cheese.


Its light and delicious texture allows it to be served in restaurants as an appetizer. When papara is mentioned, the fact that it is made with stale bread may push you to be prejudiced. However, as stale breads blended with yoghurt and sauce have a soft consistency, we recommend you to try.


Papara meal, which is tried at homes and especially for breakfast, will also relieve people's hunger. You can experience papara, which is known for being unique to Konya, with special recipes and flavors of Konya and you can have it in your homes in the most delicious way.




Tirid, is described as one of the local flavors in many cities in Turkey. Tirit, which is also owned by the people of Konya, is literally a dish adopted by the local people. There is also a trick that makes Tirit cooked in casserole with meat and herbs in it so delicious. While the tirit is made, the broth of the meats remains in the casserole. After the cooking process, people eat the meat together with its broth. Those who consume meat with its broth know that consuming meat with broth can give people an unforgettable taste experience. You can go to many cities to try Tirit, but you shouldn't say I ate Tirit without trying the Tirit dish as Konya style. It creates a feast of taste with the spices specific to Konya and the method of preparation.